The (near) future of manufacturing intelligence


 Accuracy, ability to predict possible troubles and real time warning: these are the keywords relating to the present manufacturing intelligence. In other words, a cutting edge tool that measures the key performance indicators should be able to identify precisely and quickly all patterns that characterize manufacturing output and show, if necessary, what goes wrong. 
When we talk about this type of analysis, until now we mainly think about a quantitative investigation which measures how things work in a production line, from energy consumptions to the productiveness of human resources. All these pieces of information – that represent, as usual in our field, a big amount of data to manage – give us a quite precise but static picture of a plant under the accounting and productive profile. But, more and more, it is not enough. 
Almost every industry has to handle data that comes from different sources and after understanding how productive process works, the aim is to know hic et nunc which factors and interactions among them affect production and how to face them effectively to improve the overall performance. So the management needs to:  not worry about the fact that data comes from various sources, from suppliers, that have their own systems, to different inner divisions; be aware that quantitative information is only a part of what it is important to know, whereas understanding relationships among all elements involved in production is the key point to take a step forward. 
In this sense our approach has the edge over because Tykli's technology enables the understanding of cause and effect relationships, even if their roots aren't immediately visible and easily correlated with each other. Indeed, the distinctive feature of our tool is predicting possible future events according to the results from the analisys of the production's data. So all top level managers can dispose of an on demand overview that shows strong and weak points of the productive processes. Moreover, this analysis boosts the managers' ability to optimize their choices about business strategies by depicting future scenarios that could concern production.  At the same time, our software works also at task force level as a real time alert which enables to cope immediately with any event that could occur along the assembly line. 
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