Italia think forward!


 Wednesday 22 Octber Tykli will take part in Italia think forward! in Rome, the event that celebrates 35th anniversary of ING Direct Italy
The focus is on the role of digital innovation for the country's growth and there will be represented institutions and digital agenda, the world of education and training, private individuals who have financed innovative ideas. The agenda includes the partecipation of, amongst others, Alessandro Fusacchia, chief of staff at Ministry of Education, Alessandra Poggiani, general manager of Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale, and Massimiliano Magrini, co-founder and managing partner United Ventures together with Don Koch, Ceo of ING Bank Italy. 
Tykli will be there as the winner of 2013 edition of Prendi parte al cambiamento, the annual contest dedicated to innovative startups organized by ING Direct.