*QL, sparql query editor update


We have updated our SPARQL editor, *Ql, with a totally renovated user interface.
The main changes are:

Prefixes Editor
First. you have a more clear and usable way to select and add namespace prefixes. The namespace prefixes are now listed in a collapsable text area, 
you can define them once and then hide the text area to save space on the screen. The checkbox fields that were used to select the most common prefixes have been converted to a select field that shows bot namespace uri and prefix, making it clearer which namespace are you actually using.

Query Editor
We have found out that one query editor was not enough. while you are building a complex query, or exploring a new endpoint, it happens a lot that you write smaller query to inspect entities or properties. With the old interface, you could write more than one query and then select the query you wanted to use and run just the selected text. 
We found out that this approach required a lot of mouse and keyboard work, and we opted out to have more than one editor to work with. Every editor is collapsable and all of them inherit the prefixes 

Common Operator
The run button is now on the header of each query, making it easy to understand which query you are about to run. Beside the run button we have added some common operator like limit, order by and group by. 

Format Query
When working on a query, the situation can start to be messy. We know that, and so we added a format query button that will try to format and indent your query.

Show Full Query
We added a button to open a modal where your query will be printed in full version, with prefixes, query body and operators.

*Ql is available here.